Tegolin's Tales

Posted by Ards Arts|20 November 2014| in Press

Kids will love this unquie story-telling of classic fairytales, using masks to bring the characters to life!

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Turning Ideas Into Reality

Posted by Ards Arts|28 October 2014| in Press

Community Arts Workshop with Adam Turkington

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Feel the Rhythm - Tribal Drumming

Posted by Ards Arts|20 October 2014| in Press

Come along and feel the rhythm in our new Community Tribal Drumming Workshop!

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Ards Arts Committee Seeks New Member for Advisory Committee

Posted by Ards Arts|15 September 2014| in Press

Ards Borough Council's vibrant Arts Service is seeking a temporary new Visual Arts Representative to its advisory Committee.

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Get Creative This Autumn!

Posted by Ards Arts|11 August 2014| in Press

Ards Arts creative class programme is jam packed with opportunites to get creative this autumn with the introduction of EVEN MORE new classes!

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Posted by Ards Arts|01 July 2014| in Press

Transformation and metamorphosis confront fragility and death in a new art exhibition opening in Ards Arts Centre on Thursday 3rd July.

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Folk Tales For Midsummer

Posted by Ards Arts|09 June 2014| in Press

A poet and a natural born storyteller bring folk tales to Ards to mark the longest day of the year (21 June)

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Ards International Puppet Festival!

Posted by Ards Arts|15 May 2014| in Press

Acrobatic Potato Sacks & Daredevil Ski Gloves Make Puppet Premier In Ards!

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Spring/Summer Arts Guide Has Launched!

Posted by Ards Arts|07 May 2014| in Press

The new Arts Guide has launched and welcomes an exciting new programme for Spring/Summer!

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